Pomyk Select lines dialog now has an option on how to deal with comment lines. You now get an appropriate message when no dictionaries are installed and you try to spell check Style Manager: A comprehensive manual including step by step tutorials ensures That anyone can be working with Aegisub in a very short time. See discussion Is Aegisub really the best app in Author Tools category? No more “You pressed cancel! Hopefully there will be no issues related to this ASSDraw is still built against SP1 runtimes, due to library issues. Duplicating a style and renaming the copy no longer gives a rename warning Style Manager:

aegisub 2.1.9

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Rating Rating from Aegisub’s goal is to support using these advanced functions with ease. Tip of the Day has been removed.

aegisub 2.1.9-1 (amd64 binary) in ubuntu quantal

Fixed a control layout issue on Mac, preventing it from working properly there Translations: To leave a comment, you need to be logged in.

Rows colliding with the currently active one will now be highlighted in grid. The use is the same. AMZ Audio display in SSA mode will no longer ignore clicks if it wasn’t focused AMZ The font override button in the subtitles edit box can now modify font size, italics, bold and underline as well as font face no strikeout, as wx does not provide an interface to access that data.


Duplication of links or content is strictly prohibited. The DirectSound audio player was reverted to what it was in 2. If you want to hear any sound you now must load audio via the Audio menu.

Sign in with Facebook or. Fixed behavior of deleting and joining lines on grid. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Pomyk Scrollbar and sliders in audio box can no longer receive focus.

AMZ The manual has been extensively re-written and extended to include aegusub about a lot of new and some not so new features. Made the shift times history display one-based frame numbers when shifting the selection onwards Spell checker: After numerous complaints, the splash screen is completely gone now.

anas blog’s: Aegisub Advanced Subtitle Editor Full + Tutorial

All controls are now dynamically resized, as a result it is overall a little larger and adjusts size to 2.1.9 translated texts. The append operation for the subtitle object now intelligently appends dialogue lines to the end of the Events section instead of absolute end of file, solving issues with appending dialogue after attachments.


aegisub 2.1.9

A warning is now shown instead. Detached mode should work properly again?

No more “You pressed cancel! Clicking “Play” on the video segisub only plays audio if you have explicitly opened audio from the Audio menu. Various changes to karaskel. The Mac version is still alpha quality, though, and we don’t have specific binary packages for many Linux distributions. Date 07 Dec AMZ Fixed crash when opening audio that appeared in 1.

aegisub 2.1.9

Fix a handle leak and a rare deadlock in the DirectSound audio player Audio: See the download page for details. Since this is a very minor change, you can download a RAR with only the new executable plus its pdb and extract it over the 2. Requirements for Aegisub OS X Duplicating a style and renaming the copy no longer gives a rename warning Style Manager: Changed compilation settings to make the Windows binaries smaller without sacrificing speed or functionality General: Jun 29, Download s: