This can be different to the header of the CHM. As example, if a level 3 is set, Titles 1, 2 and 3 will appear on the table of contents. You can download it from http: The preferred way to use the command line is create a WHC file, set there the title, cut levels, etc. Info for developers Here come some tips if you want to open a help file generated with chmProcessor from your application. A new help file can be generated or a help project can be compiled by specifying the output directory and filename, and chmProcessor can be instructed to open the project immediately after generating it. If there is more than one Word document, they will be joined to create the help.


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Windows applications have limitations to interact with the console. Execute this command line after generate. You must to disable this option to use relative links to additional files.

chmProcessor: Word/HTML to CHM converter Japanese Information – OSDN

Open a help topic by its HTML file name. More info about this topic can be found here: So, if some style is different on some document, it can be overwritten by the definition of other document. Source code is available from subversion repository here.


The standard webhelp templates of chmProcessor use those functions, so you will get an error: From the original document, you can generate: The application can be called from the command line to generate or open project files.

Keep in mind that the topic title must be encoded for the URL: If is zero, all the titles will appear on the index.


Here is stored the list of additional files that are reference by the help document: If not, the content of this file will be added to the start of each topic page as header.

Chmprocfssor are some examples of web sites generated with chmproceseor Source code is available from subversion repository here. Here are stored the source document files to generate the help: Please, post always the following elements with the bug report: Save relative paths on projects. Here are the texts to put: If this field is checked, the application will wait up to 15 seconds to Word closes files and itself.

The content must be HTML code.


Link to the first topic page. You can download it from here: The standard webhelp chmprocesdor of chmProcessor use frames or iframes and javascript to show the help content.

You can include single files or directories. Language Language used on the texts of the web site.


You can get this document as a PDF here. If not, the content of this file will be added to the end of each topic page as footer. Installation path of the Sun Java Help.


Usually there is three ways to show a help topic on your application: Bug reporting The bug reporting can be done at the SourceForge page: Maximum level chmprocdssor the sections that will appear on the index of the help. As example, it can be the javascript tag needed by Google Analytics to register the visits.


The content must be HTML code. Blocked a frame with origin “null” from accessing a frame with origin “null”.