This single minded devotion to success probably also helped his chances in the cutthroat Pakistani cricket youth scene. We get a glimpse into dressing room and inner working of Pakistani cricket. Cable network or Internet hadn’t stepped on that time. I found it surprisingly frank and quite enjoyable although there was not enough about cricket. Playing it my way My Autobiography Read more.

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The time now is Nov 28, Waqar Ahmed rated it liked it. Its hard to disagree with him on that.

Controversially Yours: An Autobiography – PDF Free Download

In a way, the whole controversy surrounding the book’s launch captures his life and career – egged on by a sense controversially yours in urdu bravado he talks some nonsense in an interview, blown out of proportion and context, unable to backtrack because of his ego and the spotlight youds him, and finally has to retract his statements, asking everyone to read the book – which actually doesn’t talk about Sachin ‘trembling’ at all in the first place.

Aug 30, Tassavur rated it liked it.

Inspite of such pitfalls, this book is a welcome addition to literature on cricket. Forget all the injuries and the bluster and the politics. Watch this Interview people Originally Posted by Law. The marketing team for his publishing house did the rest. Shoaib accuses Sachin [Page 2] Controversy was unleashed later that evening. Born in poverty and surmounting the odds to play for Pakistan,the story he tells is an inspiring one.


The book is like having a controversially yours in urdu with Shoaib sitting right besides you as a good friend. Shoaib Akhtar was one bowler which made human being think anything impossible.

Originally Posted by RehanG. The day ended in controversy thanks to Shoaib Akhtar’s soon to be launched autobiography, Sachin and Dravid Suck. I like this cricketer and so i found this book interesting knowing what actually happened yousr his life It is one view, a chance at explaining how you saw it without fear or contrition, and Shoaib saw that the world was against him.

Reading the book, its hard to figure out which poor soul would have been willing to guide him anyway. Hind Pak Diary Read more.

I also forgive “Rawalpandi express” for his “SLIGHT” arrogance in the book because when you’re the fastest, the scariest bowler, you sort of deserve to be a little proud of yourself.

It’s this ‘God of cricket’ stuff that annoys me.

Controversially yours by shoaib akhtar

Thank you Shoaib for all the moments! Cricket had been a passion in Pakistani youth. Looks like a couple of weeks of waiting time. Amazing, amazing interview posted above. Is there any bowler in your mind?? Shoaib has a point. Despite the awesomeness of the life story, I am afraid to say that the book is not well written contrpversially all.


Controversially Yours by Shoaib Akhtar (free pdf)

When we contacted Syed Afsar Ali Nizami, dargah incharge at Nizamuddin, he confirmed that Shoaib had come, and told us, “Shoaib bhai had come to pray to baba before he released his book. Former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram has ridiculed the remarks and said it was an attempt to market his book before its official release on Sunday. Finally, there is a silver lining?

Shoaib Akhtar is a characterbut one should understand he had controversially yours in urdu tufff. I just think that you can’t say that Shoaib Akhtar was of no use. Respect however for staying untainted in the match-fixing scandals that kept engulfing Pakistan cricket.