Artillery The Face Of Fear. All songs work particularly well but if I had to cite a highlight, I would go for the wonderful ”Rivers Between Us”. But I can’t judge them for making it that long. Bad English Masterchief Posts: Draconian is still Draconianly awesome Loading Draconian is still Draconianly awesome. The “doom” is well executed.

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Antimatter Black Market Enlightenment. Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. It certainly feels more appropriate to listen to this album after the sun went down. These are dressed up with hauntingly beautiful draconian sovran as Heike and Anders trade dueling vocal lines amid the nothingness of despair.

Overall I have to say Sovran is a solid album but it does also have it’s flaws.

Draconian is still Draconianly awesome. Especially Heike’s voice is one that I’ve quite rapidly grown fond of. The musicianship blends in perfectly. The lead at 2: The strongest trait of the band’s sound, I have to say, is definitely the vocals. Rarely employed melancholic clean male vocals meet Langhans’ angelic female leads and occasional growls that add a passionate sinister touch.

However, with the song “Stellar Tombs”, Draconian did exactly that and it was draconian sovran enough for me to try out the full length album. So there’s quite a number of reasons why you should take the time to listen to this album but I wouldn’t advise any huge expectations. The track manages to sound both consistent and diversified and remains draconian sovran entertaining through its running time of nearly seven minutes. However Sovran really reaches it’s heights in it’s second half with one of the longer tracks Dusk Mariner eclipsing all those before it, with the length allowing for more indulgence in their sumptuous melodies, and there’s a more ethereal tone to Heike’s voice, with Anders’ brimming with a cauldron of draconian sovran, and it’s really a high point of the album.


Events Now online Today. Heike has a voice much like Sharon den Adel Within Temptation and she does a fine job sounding heartsick and emotionally destitute while Anders roars away with his typically grim, low-register death vocals. Sorrowfully distorted guitar parts, sinister bass guitar passages and thunderous drums make for a melancholic melting pot that is occasionally supported by decently employed string sections or short narrative parts. Originally written for swirlsofnoise.

Draconian – Sovran – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Sometimes it’s just grey. Pale Tortured Blue is led by Heike draconian sovran of the track, showing just how powerful and filled with emotion her voice can be with a stirring performance, and it’s a slow melancholic affair, dripping with atmosphere from the interplay of guitars and keys.

Sogran The Face Of Fear.

But I can’t judge them for making it that long. Doom metal is a pretty difficult genre to listen to and unless you’re seriously depressed draconian sovran doesn’t draconian sovran exactly appealing.

European Summer Tour 7. Though many bands have subsequently tried their hand at the style, few have nailed the original sound and mood as well as Draconian. Aside from the occasion weak transition or poorly phrased riff, the songs are all extremely well-written and draconina for maximum emotional impact. The band was already outstanding earlier in its career but the addition of Heike Langhans’ unique angelic vocals seem to be the missing element that drafonian push the band from greatness to excellence.


Both are great albums, but Sovran pushes the needle ever so slightly closer to excellent despite the reduction in heaviness. Despite a gap of only four years since A Rose for the Apocalypse, the wait for this latest opus has felt a sovraan longer.

Draconian – Sovran Review

Draconian sovran the album also gets quite heavy and even good for headbanging on a few small occasions so don’t think it’s all grey and tears. Jason Becker Triumphant Hearts. Write your own review. It’s not bad but it does seem less. Feral Flesh For Funerals Eternal. Co-Headlining European Tour 5. The lyrics are beautiful, the strings stirring, the guitar melodies hard hitting and the track – a triumph.