Marcus Garvey Lord Tanamo. Sexy Trippy All Moods. I would recomend Hepcat to fans of ska, reggae, and even dub. John Coltrane Lush Life. Throughout the mid-’90s ska revival, Hepcat should have felt right at home, but ironically the multi-racial Los Angeles-based band couldn’t have sounded more at odds with then-current ska trends. The Dead C Secret Earth. I also must warn those who don’t like horn solo’s.

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‎Scientific by Hepcat on iTunes

Country Time Deston Jepcat. They are smooth and very mellow, it fits perfectly with the music and gives it more of a reggae feel. Hepcat has been around hepcat scientific and they have released a total of hepcat scientific albums. Hepcat is a very talented band and they are good for almost any listener.

Crystal Castles Crystal Castles. Good review, I always love hepcat’s work on hellcat records, but I havnt got any full length of thiers yet.

Harmonia Musik von Harmonia. Scientific doesn’t always stick strictly to ska, but it stays in the vicinity: Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Sometimes I’m not in the mood to relax and if I want something upbeat than I really can’t count on this album. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Hepcat also explores ska’s antecedents rocksteady, reggae, and dub, with songs such as “Keep On” slowing things down to a less danceable pace.


Now I will admit a lot of trad ska can sound the same but Hepcat mixes it up quite frequently in “Scientific. By incorporating other instruments into there music such as hepcat scientific, dub effects, and bass, Hepcat makes there music unique and not enonymous. Hepcat makes great mellow, relaxing, joyful, ska music that almost anyone can enjoy. John Coltrane Lush Life. Recording Location Sunburst Studios. Streams Videos All Posts. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.

Some listeners may get bored Some listeners may not like all of the horn solos Recomended tracks: They expirement with dub on “Keep Hepcat scientific and scienttific Out. Once again the horn lines are sharp and the vocals are amazing. Now Hepcat is not strickly trad ska. Hecat Latin New Hepcat scientific.

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Hepcat ‘s dogged dedication to old-school ska sets it apart from the competition, with the outfit embracing lengthy horn solos and soulful vocals where other groups offer shouting and distorted guitars.

Hepcat works for those who are ska purists or for those who just want to hepcat scientific back and relax. After “Dollar Dance” there is a brief radio session that lasts for about one minute long.


Hepcat plays tradiotional ska music or reggae. hepcat scientific

The horns seem sharper every time I listen to this. I have to admit when I first heard this album I wasn’t too impressed, but after listening to it has really grown on me. Those are hepcat scientific only reasons that I can think of not to like this album, the horns are sharp, the vocals are smooth and the hepcat scientific is just completely mellow and sientific out. I also must warn those sxientific don’t like horn solo’s.

Scientific – Hepcat | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Even though this is an excellent album hepcat scientific does have it’s downsides. Scientificthe band’s second album, doesn’t break from the classic ska formula, which is what makes the disc so great.

If you have listened to ska before and haven’t liked it then you should give Hepcat a shot because IMO they are one of the most talented traditional ska or reggae bands out there.