Dennis Lopes verified owner — August 28, Although as a classic panel user I did get my entire initial cost deducted from an already discounted launch offer sale, so for me it was a great deal. You should strive to understand several ways to accomplish each technique you do on a photo. Photoshop is a skill that will stand the test of time when it comes to post processing. The only con I can think of could be the entry price point. Adds a movable and scalable light glow to your image.

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Very well thought-out workflo easy-panel Pro workflow is much faster and has added creativity in my photographic works. I am loving this product. My workflow is so much better and consistent stylemypic pro workflow.

Your styleypic will automatically be created during the checkout process when you purchase or download a free product from the website. All actions are designed to work in 8 and 16bits RGB mode. Are there any in-app purchases? But if you retouch images often, even at its full price its definitely worth the investment.

The Pro Workflow X panel is a light html extension panel, and not a plug-in. Runs on both 32bits or 64bits Windows and Mac.


Log in Remember me. Lighten desired areas of the image with this tool. Also, the customer caring is top notch. If I purchase now, when will I get access to the product? It is my go-to add-on for shortcuts. I am not affiliated with SMP in any way. For me, this has become an important part of photoshop. The stylemypic pro workflow thing missing is a voice command!

A realistic HDR tool that enhances your landscape images. You can adjust the color tone curve to fine tune your image if needed.

StyleMyPic’s Pro Workflow Extension Panel for Photoshop –

I have been a professional photographer for 36 years, have been lucky to get my Masters, won several Kodak Awards of Excellence and Fuji Film Masterpiece Awards and several Photographer-of-the-Year Awards, so I will like to think that I know what Stylemypic pro workflow am talking about.

The panel enables you to recreate thistechnique in minimum steps, and gets you very close to atylemypic perfectlycolor graded image within seconds.

The Pro Workflow Classic panel has a user friendly and intuitive interface, with a well organized layout and descriptive labels.

Unlike traditional frequency separation, this version provides full control over the blur and texture frequency, even after applying the technique. Thank you for an excellent product. Wotkflow if you had all your most-used tools accessible in one panel? All the payments are handled by PayPal which is a highly secure site.


Pro Workflow X

This is one amazing and must have stylemypi for Photoshop. Now you can access them from the panel by pressing the C1, C2 or Stylemypic pro workflow buttons. I have been telling everyone I meet about it, so this is my chance to publicize it. Is this stylemyoic monthly or yearly subscription software? It would be nice to be able to rename the custom buttons at the bottom, though C1, C2, C3. Make sure that extension Panels are activated in the Preferences menu in Photoshop.

Dennis Lopes verified owner — August 28, It is worth the money and support of the product very quickly and responsive.

Think of it as a remote control surface for Photoshop. Andrew M verified owner — June 22,