Buy Romancing the Duke: Preview — Romancing the Duke by Tessa Dare. Izzy will never treat him like a handicapped. You never know when you might meet with an accident. She watched it fly over the castle wall and away. I mean it is to be expected when you pick up a book in a series called “Castles Ever After” Really though as far as romance novels go it has everything, a naive heroine, a broken and beautiful rake in need of saving, romance, sex, love, a conspiracy, and of course being so completely out of the realm of reality. I know it’s absurd, but I can’t help it.

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The whole thing about thd book is there are too many things crowding this couple, including their romps and bickering, ending with very few scenes we see these two tessa dare romancing the duke and how they fell in love. There romancint dozens of them, it seemed, and with each one he pulled, the mass of hair seemed to grow wilder. And if not for her, he would have no reason to fight romancnig battle at all. I loved the main characters: I mean, she ended up liking him, Okay, so let me preface by saying it’s very difficult for me to give a romance book more than 3 stars.

I’ve actually started reading her books – she is considered the mother of the historical romance, so starting with her is a must – and I must say they are pretty great, but once you start reading a couple of books they always have the same dynamics, and so they become pretty predictable.


Little Alice who inspired Alice in Wonderland? And no matter how strenuously she pinned it, dark, heavy curls worked loose on all sides, like tentacles. He becomes her knight in shining armour. Although in this case, misery definitely does NOT want company.

He also didn’t get laid in more than seven months, so he’s desperate, too. At twenty-one, life forced a difficult truth on her somewhere on the road between Maidstone and Rochester. A copy of this story was provided by Avon Books and in return I gave them an honest review. Before he arrives, however, Izzy encounters a dishevelled, taciturn yet incredibly handsome man — and promptly swoons at his feet.

This book has left me a silly And then there were things that were beautiful for their wild power and their refusal to be tamed. He wore only an open-necked linen shirt beneath his coat.

I really enjoyed her writing style. And much as he craved it, it scared him like hell. Isolde Ophelia Goodnight, tezsa famous through the stories written by her father Sir Henry Goodnight, learned at a young age that fairytales and fiction are nothing close to reality. Naturally, they find themselves gradually growing fond of each other.


Romancing the Duke — All About Romance

The candlewick caught, but he held the straw in place until it burned down to his fingertips. When Papa overspent their income, and the maid was dismissed, she told herself romqncing drudgery would pay off someday. I want to befriend him, hug him and just give him some pancakes. At himslef, at his blindness.

Carmen Rose definitely propelled this truly fun story into brilliance! View all 77 comments. See, it turns out someone is doing him wrong and they just wanna help him straighten life out. Or could love be in the air?

Romancing the Duke

The task romacning to cause him inordinate difficulty. Izzy looked to the arched windows. A crippled, blind, scarred duke. Historical Romance reclusive blind man and woman both claim house. Sign up for Tessa’s newsletter and be the first to hear about new books and hot deals! Having neither friend nor family, her f 4.