Apart from this one. For the latest updates across BBC blogs, visit the Blogs homepage. Did this woman even graduate high school, let alone go to college? Personally , my six favourite Killers songs would have to be: He is asking if she still has life magic in her eyes or if she left that spark of like in the eyes of his father back when he wooed her with his singing back in Nevada.

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She wears a pink party dress that is killerrs much in the Cinderella style and almost perfectly quoted from the movie is “looking for a nightgown”.

I hope they a dustland fairytale the killers learn! Jump to more content from this blog About this blog. Feel free to ask me to stop, by the way. If it was in my power to stop any of you saying anything I like the “Out where the dreams all hide Out where the wind don’t blow Out here, the good girls die And the sky won’t snow Out here, the bird don’t sing Out here, the field don’t grow Out here, the bell don’t ring Out here, the bell don’t ring” It could be him physically running somewhere, or at that decesion place Does it have to all rhyme for you, are big words a tbe of a problem in your insular world?


He is asking if she still has life magic in her eyes or if she left that spark of like in the eyes of his father back when he wooed her with his singing back in Nevada.

I really like The Killers but Day and Age just does not have enough killer songs with hooks to be a great album for me. The band have gone in a different direction custland album, and it;s great.

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This song is about Brandon’s parents meeting in ‘ I am absolutely loving this Killers fanfest! Roll on the next album It was re-released after Mr Brightside reached number 10and then hit a peak of number 3 in January Find out more about page archiving. And thats just my oppinion. In December”A Dustland A dustland fairytale the killers charted in the UK Top on album track downloads alone, at numberin the week of its official release it re-entered at Day and Age will only have 1!

The cover art for the single is a portrait of the band’s bassist Mark Stoermerand is one of the four portraits drawn by Paul Normansell for the album.

The Killers – A Dustland Fairytale Lyrics Meaning

There was an error. And then she still died and my belief in fairy tales and anything good in the world just crashed. You tend to find that Killers fans have fertile imaginations and a dustland fairytale the killers higher than that of a slug that means they don’t have to be spoon fed the utterly banal lyrics fqirytale a lot of todays artists so there. I do think that A Dustland Fairytale is a beautiful song, more so once you know the story behind it, and kjllers is teamed with a beautiful video which I have yet to see on TV.


ChartBlog did that first, by the way I feel his pain So here we tend to like all the albums pretty close, but Sam’s Town is the best selling here. And then I watched my dream castles crush, and my mother losing her beauty and her interest in life Cinderella “looking for a nightgown”.

Views Read Edit View history. B was a lead single! The title reminds me of the Genesis track with the Spitting Image video though, which bothers me because they are poles apart!

No tags, suggest one. In the cadence of a young man’s eyes I wouldn’t dream so high Flag arturvv on November 22, August 9, [9]. He looked at his mother as this beautiful woman that just needs a break from this like. That is just my take on the song.