I have heard a lot of good things about your father, but hadn’t seen him in many larger roles until recently, esp. Keep them coming, Shilpi That film underscored his real life sense of humor, I would guess. Loved going through them and reading them. It is hilarious isn’t it? Anonymous 30 November at

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Anonymous 30 November at Lack of time didn’t allow me to watch the videos, but will surely do it another time. Yes Madhu if possible have a look, you will really see a different Tarun Bose.

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I have not watched Bikhre Moti or Parde ke Peeche and, from your description of them, I doubt I will watch them either. Loved going through them and reading them. I must see it now; I am all for suspense films, even when they’re not that great!

They sound like from a primary school skit with over loud background music. Anu Warrier 29 November at Well Anu glad you liked it, yes I would like to continue only my father had a brief stint and so the blog too will have just a few posts. Shilpi Bose 15 January at Your trivia bits are as interesting as always, and always add that little extra to your posts. Posted bikhre moti part 2 Shilpi Bose at Shilpi Bose 30 November at bikhre moti part 2 Right now, I’ve borrowed my husband’s data card and am using that.


Shilpi Bose 1 December at I have heard a lot of good things about your father, but hadn’t seen him in many larger roles until recently, esp. But the video of Bikhre Moti was hilarious in its stupid dialogues. It is hilarious isn’t it? Seriously you should bring out a book on this and get it released by actors of Gumnam who are alive now.

Yes the background music was really jarring. Parde ke Peechhay is a film I’d never even patt of. Looking forward to the next post. You are right, his was a very jovial character in that film. And he definitely ruled the courtroom scenes! Glad you enjoyed it.

Bikhre Moti [Hindi] 9 Volume Set By Shaykh Muhammad Yunus Palanpuri | AhleSunnah Library

Anonymous 5 December at Shilpi Bose 3 December at I would have loved to padt the clips, Joti, but my net connection is really playing up these days.

Kalakad Ganapathy 14 January at Shilpi Bose 6 December at Interesting read, Shilpi, as always, needless to say. I’m sure one wouldn’t recognoze them as such now. Every time he walked onscreen in AMS, I was completely engaged–because he seemed like a real person with real feelings, not just the average filmi father template.


Those pictures of Mysore are great. Newer Post Older Post Home. I’ve seen Brindavan gardens.

Keep them coming, Shilpi