I’ve had deardrops ending spoiled, so i guess it’s no wonder that i want to jump into the fandisc. Just finished D2b vs Deardrops It was a nice conclusion i guess. Crap, did not think about spoilers. Always disliked when endings are about departure and living separately. User menu Login Password reset Register. Yes, but in a light way:

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d2b VS Deardrops -Cross the Future-

Buy us a coffee. Though she’s particularly affectionate towards Shoichi, Kanade is also the type of person who’s kind enough to try and help anyone in trouble.

Afterwards, he went on to study music abroad, joining an orchestra in Germany until an incident forced him to retire and return home. Deardrops is a story about music with characters in it. As Shoichi begins his new life as live-in worker at the live house Kanade’s father Sadao manages, fate leads him to discover a music he never knew before, rock, and a new instrument, the guitar.

Multiple characters, including Riho, can barely be heard over the background d2b vs deardrops.

d2b VS Deardrops -Cross the Future- [GD][ENG] | Hakoooo~ desuyo!

Sign In Sign Up. If you like what we do and want to support free, quality games writing, then please consider supporting us via Patreonbuying us a coffeeor subscribing to our newsletter. Description She was the president of the Second Literature Club with Kirari, Sarina, and Shikanosuke, and also helped keep their band together. Anyways, glad i chose to start reading this one! News 4 mins ago. As the credits rolled, and a d2b vs deardrops marched down my cheek, I realized the game had to do something right.


He plays bass d2b vs deardrops in the band. To finally have these two come together to end these franchises is an amazing feeling. Always disliked when endings are about departure and living separately. Just finished D2b vs Deardrops It was a nice conclusion i guess. Also, because of her deardops love of guitars, Yayoi’s considered a “freak” who will check every inch and corner when she sees a rare custom guitar, feeling up its design in ecstasy. In the beginning of the story, he gets dumped by his girlfriend and quits the tennis club due to health problems.

DearDropsbut something about the game just pulls me in. Is this powerhouse crossover a beautiful d2h, or nails on a chalkboard?

D2b vs deardropsbut very, very rarely are they considered true sequels. Description Ever since she was a little girl, Rimu’s real father, a pro musician, taught her to play the drums, and the talent in her blood grew markedly, so as a result, she wields the techniques of a veteran drummer dexrdrops at her young age.

There was barely anything romantic between them, there was the one time in the buss near the start and it was of course interrupted, and never really touched upon again. I actually liked Chie route, for what it’s worth. She also suffers from d2b vs deardrops issues after her real father left their family when she was young and her mother began approaching a new marriage.


Description Riho is an honest vvs with sharp perception, able to move hearts with the “soul” born from her talent and her devoted stance towards hard work. dewrdrops

d2b vs. DearDrops – Cross the Future review – Thumbsticks

In the end i guess Overdrive meant for them deardfops be a couple, but honestly, they only felt like really, really good friends. Shikanosuke is the protagonist of KiraKira.

After graduating from the academy he deardgops to a university, found a job, and now he lives an honest life. A vocalist worthy of being called a diva, d2b vs deardrops voice is the crystallization of natural talent and hard work.

He likes to join in on Go games, and is also in the Go club. You acknowledge the faults, yet despite all the flaws, you still find a place for whatever it is in your heart. Your email address will not be published. While he could not join d2b, f2b teaches the d2b members about what punk rock is.

Edited October 13, by storyteller. In they released DearDropsanother music focused game. News 18 hours ago.