Her character special is really nothing new, several other units do similar things, but since it affects both certain allies and any enemies surrounding her, she can affect a lot of people at once. Japan Yen Price: He swore to Marona’s parents that he would protect her in this state, and she could call him forth whenever she needed aid. He’s a nice addition to the group, but he won’t win any awards for greatness. Although it’s useful in pretty rare situations, her character special makes almost no sense, and seems almost worthless. Forgot your username or password?

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When you get new DLC characters, you’ll also unlock new songs that can be used as well. I feel that it’s nice to have some of these questions and answers all in one place for easy access to people looking for this information. You also get an obligatory scene where Tink appears and is pounded into the ground by Majin Hanako.

Ash appeared along with Marona in Phantom Brave.

Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days (USA+DLC) PSP ISO

I saw one when I was at home but didn’t save it. Kuro and Toro Weapons Along with Kuro and Toro appearing as NPCs in various areas, you can also download disgaea 2 dhd dlc weapons of each of the seven types that are modeled after the two cats.

F Class Princess of Paprika Weapon Proficiency Fist Sword Spear Bow Gun Axe Staff B S A C C A B 15 26 20 10 10 24 14 Move Jump Counter Throw Exp.


You may Execute as many times as disgada want. Sorry, can’t hear you past the wall of fail you’ve built. Her other aptitudes are pretty nice as well. Higher rarity provides better stat gains in the Item World.

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Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days Downloadable Content Guide for PSP by HolyLancer9 – GameFAQs

You may bribe the Senators and gain their favor or pass a Bill through sheer force when it is rejected. Felonies are actually useful. Pleinair isn’t really “native” to any game, but rather something of a mascot of Takehito Harada, who has been the main-stay character designer for most of Nippon Ichi’s various SRPGs.

In the words of Miles Edgeworth, “I believe the proper phrase here is, “you fail. Also added some info and comments regarding the DLC as it stands in the North American region with whatever information we currently know. They gain skills from leveling too. The short scene before you get her has all of the other DLC characters along with Adell and Rozalin trying to figure out how disgaea 2 dhd dlc deal with such a tremendously powerful person.

Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days Has Downloadable Cameo Characters

This game had a surprisingly deep story, and you couldn’t help but feel bad for the little girl who was sort of lost in the flow of things, and who’s only friends were ghosts, phantoms, and eventually, a crippled girl in a wheelchair. Burning Fighting Spirit Marona: When you reincarnate, you get sent back to Level one. She was the supposed “Oracle” who foresaw the future, and warned Zetta that disgaea 2 dhd dlc netherworld would be destroyed.


These characters have been released two at a time with the exception of the May batch, which had three characters. In reality, that’s just not true. Almaz first appeared in Disgaea 3 as one of the main story characters.

She is definitely a worthwhile character to use for her aptitudes and character disgaea 2 dhd dlc, should you happen to be a person who has a particular interest in magichange weapons. Still, the problem with the glitches stay. Some minor additions and fixes on missing info. However, each one of those ranks has an invisible ranking within it, so even if two characters have, say “S” rank in swords, one character may gain 30 points per use, while the other may only gain Log In Sign Up.

Also, three characters have been available for free; Pleinair, Miabel, and Majin Hanako. This game is actually connected to Nippon Ichi’s early Marl Kingdom games. The space for them doesn’t even exist until you actually download and activate them them. Seems even the most vile of demons have a weakness to adorable chibi cats.