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Doughboyz Cashout – Lowkey Chick

Play the Broke roll just to test em’, you fall They ain’t gone catch you Climb to the top, they what you step in’ My heart was made for love, now I use It as a weapon. Therapy by Doughboyz Cashout Good evening Mr. I’m On Dat Tip. I ain’t a player I just crush alot I like to fuck alot, I don’t like To keep hoes they fuss alot I don’t trust alot, not even once She fucked me because I rap Now I heard she wanna fuck with Roc That’s my nigga Only a few times I cuffed the twat But I learn from my lessons, these Girls ain’t no blessings, only thing They good for is stressin.


Doughboyz Cashout – Low Doughboyz cashout lowkey chick Bitchviews. Look lemme tell you Watch artist interviews here. Bitch Be A Bitch. Watch artist interviews here.

Low Key Bitch

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Gave it to a girl and she tore it apart After that, I pretty much ain’t been the doughboy I turned into a savage lemme further explain They say love will get you killed so my heart gotta shield Tryna hit that shit, I ain’t got time to chill Let’s be real, why be in relationships when everybody cheatin Real talk Break up to make up, it’s gone keep repeatin’ Single life less stressful I don’t fuss no mo I play roles and that’s all I don’t trust no ho Fuck hoes You think you winnin’ but you really losin’ You losin’ bro When you ain’t around, ma nigga, yo bitch choosin Believe that Why you playin’ girl, liwkey got miles Darius Roc in a relationship, joke Hilarious Don’t hog em, just dog em Pass and laugh Every night I’m wasted girl showin my ass I’ve done my evaluation and I find that you doughboyz cashout lowkey chick are perfectly fine Always play videos fullscreen.


Stay On Your Toes. Contributed by Oliver C. Thank God Doughboyz cashout lowkey chick Bag Came. An unexpected error has been encountered.

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Doughboyz Cashout – Lowkey Chick

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