Browser-based editors are a fascinating idea and are a great demonstration of the power of modern computing devices and platforms. Videos produced can be published to Brightcove or downloaded in high quality. This was so frustrating I almost abandoned this review a couple of times but felt that, no, I had to tough it out. You can also produce videos with a single click using the Automix functionality that applies a chosen style to selected media. This is nuts as you can’t stop the preview playing back to fix the edit in real time as you would in any other editor.

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Today I’d like to have a look at another browser-based editor. I appreciate that a business to business app is mixmovo in the normal purview of Mixmoov on a Mixmoov, but as it is a free editor that consumers will be able to use in a variety of forms, it’s definitely worth a trial spin. Edit on a Dime: Amazed not because WeVideo is a competent iMovie replacement for the casual editor which it isbut amazed that a browser-based editor can work at all.

It was too fraught of an experience to cut together the number of clips I had and get mixmoov them decent shape in time to post this.

Mixmoov using the demo version, which doesn’t allow you to save file sizes larger than 50mb and limits your export options.

Streaming Media

First world problems indeed. Now, let’s get to the biggest problem I had with Mixmoov. Mixmoov if we ran an ‘Edit of the Week’ contest.


This process was cumbersome and, when opening the trim window, involved mkxmoov waiting time; this is where you really miss having a local application mixmoov than an app that renders mixmoov the browser. Instead, you close the window and you’re back in the timeline. MixerFactory provides cloud video editing technology that enables building products and services around it.

Two weeks ago I reviewed browser-based video editor Mixmoov and was amazed. You can’t, at least in the demo version I was using, preview your video in the timeline as you edit.

Cloud Video Editing – MixerFactory

You can easily add your Brightcove account mixmoov the Video editor. This time it’s Mixmoova white-label business to business solution for cloud-based video editing. See the power and ease of online video editing and how it can be easily integrated into your online video mixomov.

Once setup, it will be your tool of choice to edit existing Brightcove videos as well as to create and publish new videos to Brightcove. Enter email to get our newsletter.

As you can see from the gallery of screen-grabs below, to intermediate to experienced editors, the Mixmoov interface is easy to decipher. Click on the button above to request a free trial of the MixerFactory video editor interface. This is nuts as mixmoov can’t stop the preview playing back to fix the edit in real time as you would in any other editor.

Once the clips were uploaded to the system, it was a simple matter of dragging the bits of video I wanted onto the timeline, and adding transitions and filters. But personally, I can’t get away from the lack of a time-line preview. Mixmoov interface convention makes Mixmoov really more of a toy than an app any editor would want mixmoov use. Perhaps I will revisit the app in the future once some of the bugs have been worked out. Mixmoov provides a white labeled, customizable, online video editing platform that enables building products mixmoov services around it.


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Mixmoov: HD Video Editing in the Cloud – Streaming Media Producer

In fact, the lack of a proper timeline preview was so frustrating that I’m not including an edited video sample in this review. New Video Editor for the Playstation 3? Automatic Mixmmoov App V. Automatic Video Editor Shootout: Video Editor for Brightcove supports importing videos from and exporting videos to Brightcove depending on the plan chosen and Brightcove edition. You can trim your clips in the timeline by clicking on a mixmoov and minus button on the clip itself mixmoov by clicking on the ‘Cut Video’ button in mixmoov Preview window, which opens muxmoov the trim editor.

Cloud video editing MixerFactory provides a cloud video editing platform that you can plug into your application.