Facilitates clients’ customer services staff to order voids repairs. Request Demo Fill in our demo request form and we’ll be happy to send one your way. Facilities management Schedules Contract conditions, specification and description of works for maintenance work on public, healthcare and educational buildings, leisure facilities, residential care homes, commercial properties and residential accommodation Learn more Order. How can we help? This is almost two months since the request for an internal review. The Freedom of Information Act requires us to satisfy it within 20 working days from the date of your request for internal review. If you have any queries regarding the progress of your request please contact me via the contact details in this letter, quoting reference

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References Visible links 1. Your request is being processed. Breakdown of repair costs, Woodvale estate, and Lambeth regeneration scheme. Click one of our links below. The Freedom of Information Act requires us to satisfy it within 20 working days. Thank you again for your recent enquiry requesting clarification on some of the data provided to you as part of the response to your Freedom of Information Request.

Rand Associates can provide assistance in the procurement of contracts, including the procurement under EU regulations. Thank you schedul your interest in Lambeth Housing Management.


I have forwarded your enquiry to Housing Management FOI, as they have been dealing with this request originally.

How can we help? When a Lambeth representative creates a new repairs record, they are immediately informed by the software how fast that specific repairshould be undertaken. What is new in version 6. Please could you confirm the reference number of the Freedom of Information request that you would like reviewed. Thank you for your Freedom of Information request Reference Find out more about the NHMF.

Try opening the logs in a new window.

M3NHF Schedule of Rates

Although we do strive to respond to requests as swiftly as possible, there nhf schedule of rates a statutory 20 working day timeframe to respond to follow on FOI requests so you should expect the response by 1 February Tom Keene 6 February Delivered. The following keys are listed in the 5th column. If you are dissatisfied with the way in which your Freedom of Information request has been dealt with, you can request an internal review by emailing: This information is then communicated to the homeowner or tenant.

Please can I have a nhff

M3: M3NHF Schedule of Rates

Sign in or sign up. Planned Maintenance Lambeth Borough Council. Any queries or disputes between client and contractor should be agreed between the two parties.


Please excuse me if I have got the name of the PI code wrong, please replace with the correct naming system. As an amendment to the schddule, could I also request an additionla column of data which specifies the response code for each item, which I belive is called the “PI” code. A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is available on the Internet at this address: You requested for a review based on the information below: Thank you for your email, which I have forwarded to the officer responding to your request.

Best Wishes Tom Keene. Where can I get a breakdown of labour and materials that make up the rates? Richard Carter will be providing the outcome of the review. The Freedom of Information Act requires us to satisfy it within 20 working days from the date of your request for internal review. Off find attached the response to the internal review of your Nhf schedule of rates of Information Request.

Subscribers, please use the enquiry nhf schedule of rates for specific queries.