Leila Forouhar – Be joon e tou www. Farshid Amin – Sepideh HQ djremix 7 years ago. This song was sung by Sarban. Stop hating for god’s sake, ur only making a fool out of urself. Eid Omadeh bderavi 11 years ago.

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It isn’t like we Afghans never copy. Do you want to reconsider your title from sweetness to something else?

Toofan- To Bia Yadam Bedeh toofanhl 11 years ago. Mehrshad Bahareh Mehrshad A 11 years ago. Leila Forouhar – Be joon e tou www.

Sweetness, I don’t see any sweetness in your comment, instead I hear bitter nooshafarin ashti valgur language. Most Iranian songs are in rhythm. Ustad Saraban is nooshafzrin rolling in his grave. We don’t need to kill eachother over a song!! But nothing else is changed.


Sunshinesrays1 Don’t make such ignorant comments. Farshid Amin – Sepideh HQ djremix 7 years ago. Love the way she dances to this song, almost reminds me of the way my mom dances- noosjafarin a really good dancer! Those who are saying that this song is not afghan, nooshafarin ashti easy to find out it! Avang studios with another great video as usual. Btw your schoolyard taunts don’t affect me, they only reveal your own rather weak character.


SweetnessGirl What’s wrong with u, girl? Youtube is sharing website, if you can’t take it Stop hating for god’s sake, ur only making a fool out of urself. What Sapidah has done is to speed the song nooshafarin ashti a bit and used western rock instrumentation, and of course, her Tehrani accent.

Khanom Afsaanah originally sang this in Kaabul before ustaad saareban!

Nooshafarin – Ashti – MP3 | Bia2

nooshwfarin Sabran was a puplar singer but he was in love and he nooshafarin ashti ill now he is dead, peace upon him! I am Afghan and I respect the fact that she sang this song, She admited the lyrics are Afghan and sang it beautifully in a morden persian style. She’s actually honoring Saraban and his song.

This song, its lyrics, melody and beat is pure Nooshafarin ashti as originally sang by Saraban. She did a great job which i doubt any other could do better. Sapideh ham in ahango khob khondeh! D glad to know that there are still people who are actually using their bains: Eid Omadeh bderavi 11 years ago.


Sepideh – Divaneh Shodam OFFICIAL VIDEO – VideoClip

nkoshafarin Sunshinesrays1 besides saying nothing nooshafarin ashti counter my points, are you really stupid enough to think that a public youtube channel opened by a single individual is ”owned” by all who share his nationality to the exclusion of everyone else? Criticising her in a crude manner is unacceptable and that is a typical male chauvinistic and extremist view. Traditional Iranian music does not have this rhythm called Dadra. Instead of nooshafarin ashti this rude and ungreatful, u should thank noishafarin artist.

From the new wave of singers, we really don’t have anyone better than her especially female artist she is quite bold and creative. Divaneh Nooshafarin ashti Music Video Runtime: God bless both Afghanistan and Iran. This song was sung by Sarban.