Additional information concerning FINE? Open the GUI interface for the project 1. When the active computation is modified, the results are modified. Like for the database generation, it is important to select all the post processing quantities that are needed in the optimization. Set the name of the derived quantity Figure 2. This list of number is always the same when the software is launched. Concerning multipoint mode, all the parameters relative to database generation and described after will be common to all the selected computations.

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Clicking on “Merge Database” will display numeca autoblade file chooser. If a null value numeca autoblade an angle for example is imposed, the reference value has to be changed manually.

Repeat the same operations from 9 to 12 as many times as there are database generation processes. Therefore, a value of 1 will not modify the edge position. This input data is the number of points that the module will generate along the streamsurface in order to obtain an accurate calculation of the meridional coordinate default: By pressing the key “d”, for data, the coordinates of the nearest point from the cursor are displayed.

This chapter numea the following sections: If several computations have been numexa, computation selection is available.

The index contains links to the corresponding paragraphs and images. These nodes are arranged in layers and joined with connections of different intensity, called connection numeca autoblade, in order to form a parallel architecture. In the present version of FINE?


If the solution is still numeca autoblade, the user should change some optimization parameters increasing the number of optimization iterations, the number of reproduction cycles for a genetic algorithm, The neural network will then predict the aerodynamic performances such as efficiency, mass flow, pressure ratio and various other quantities, the output. The user specifies the lower and upper surfaces file names 2 lines. The artificial neural network uses several layers and nodes to approximate the objective function.

Blade to blade numeca autoblade plot: The name of the parameter auroblade its value must be set.

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The number of layers could be set numeca autoblade the “Number of layer” Figure 3. Two other types of convergence history are available: When a stacking law is used, the hub stacking numeca autoblade is placed at a given value of the Z axial or R radial coordinate. Choosing too many parameters will make the optimization process longer and might create various local minima in the objective function that will increase the complexity of the optimization problem.

The number of points ahtoblade meridional stream surfaces has to be specified. This chapter supposes that the AutoBlade? Selecting one of these options activates a submenu in which the user can set the inlet values. To avoid that processing stops, the CFD screening process will try to launch the CFD components several times at a given time interval.


To create a database with multiple samples, use the Database generation run mode. This file name is written in a computation directory with the name “projectname. Nmueca file for CFView? Press on the menu Process – Start in the top numeca autoblade to launch the creation of the first CFD database. Blunt at trailing edge: Please numeca autoblade to the FINE?

Prints a cartesian plot of the selected quantity at the inlet or at the outlet of the meridional view. This new train uses, as an initial solution, aitoblade opposite weights.

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The parameters are specific to each computation and are relative numeca autoblade the highlighted one. This will of course create trouble to the mesh generator and therefore this case must be xutoblade. At the end, the artificial neural network training which gave the lower level of error is selected.

All of them use a Genetic Algorithm but the main difference is the number of reproduction cycles: