Standouts for me were: Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Re-Twerk as I soon discovered is petty much all over the place, but in a good way. Following on from the love and hype surrounding last years Vol I, it was a no brainer for Ta-Ku to make this happen. Littered throughout the EP, you’ll stumble across tunes that are lighter in nature, and others that feel like a freight train hitting you in the face. Hands down another very polished, and forward thinking release and well worth the ten bones on his bandamp. Giving the already energetic song more punch, Ta-ku successfully fused his unique style into the track.

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Ta-ku – Hey Justin by HW&W Recordings | Free Listening on SoundCloud

The big difference is Ta-Ku does this with a unique sophistication and class in comparison to a lot of other releases lumped under the Trap umbrella.

His sound reaches to the many corners of music and influences, resulting in unheard of styles and approaches in the beatsmithing world. More specifically, he would reside in his own, unique comfort zone.

It’s pretty difficult to place one finger on one genre to describe his style. Re-Twerk is a return to his natural habitat. In this EP, we ride shotty through tracks that focus more on looping, sampling, and effects with experimentation in bass, trap, and two-step.

There are four remixes in Re-Twerkand all of them are fantastic. One reoccurring aspect that I noticed in his tracks is that he tends to pull from hip-hop and rap roots more often than not. Ta-ku retwerk is legitimately not a tune that I dislike enough on this to write about so instead I am going to give you the rundown of a few tunes that have been on repeat way too much in ta-ku retwerk last week.


Ta-ku Regan Matthews ta-ku retwerk an extremely promising up and coming electronic music producer. Ta-ku is also no stranger to the world of re-mixing.

Again anyone that knows me, expect this to ta-iu played at inappropriate times by me more often than not. No matter what your music preference is, you’ll inevitably will take a liking to Ta-ku. Ever since his ta-ku retwerk of Re-Twerk, I have been itching to listen to it. A good electronic producer will showcase his ability to change up his game and technique instead of staying with one ta-ku retwerk all the time. I have also been vibing on that jeremiah cut that he reywerk in here so it was nice to have a nod to it in here.

Though I am more of a fan of his 50 Days ta-ku retwerk Dilla style, I am not disappointed in the least after my first listen. After his completion of his ambitious two-part album, 50 Days for DillaI was genuinely excited to see what direction he decides to take.

Ta-ku – Re-Twerk [EP]

I had no idea if Re-Twerk was already in progress at ta-ku retwerk same time, but all I knew was that his next release would sound drastically different than 50 Days for Dilla.

I can say with confidence that he is a producer that will not fall off my radar any time soon. Here are the instructions on how to disable your ad blocker: Standouts for me were: While the suave and groovy beats are nice and all, that isn’t what Ta-ku is all about. And I must say, he took the essence of the track and completely revamped it.


Ta-ku — Get It Girl. Thank you for supporting our work. Giving the already energetic song more punch, Ta-ku successfully fused his unique style into the track.

Freak nasty sample was a nice hidden Easter egg towards the end of this 3 and a half minute workout. ta-ku retwerk

Again another huge jam, chops are insane, drum switch ups flawless. But that’s OK, because he has a knack for producing highly enjoyable tunes with great ta-ku retwerk value.

Embark on a wonderful journey by streaming the rest of his EP below, and be sure to check out his official website August 29 to ta-ku retwerk this promising, talented producer. Re-Twerk may seem like an eclectic collection of tracks, but in reality, it makes the EP more cohesive as a whole.

The tracks are slightly more chaotic, coupled with hip-hop and rap vocals looped throughout the tunes. Receiving an invite to the prestigious Red Bull Academy four years ago, it’s quite evident that we can conclude Ta-ku is no-pushover or bedroom producer wannabe.