While trying to escape both Hindu and Muslim mobs, Amjad finds out that Ram is in Delhi to assassinate Gandhi and he tries to convince his friend to not do it. After the archaeological site is shut down out of fear of riots, young Ram returns to Calcutta to be with his wife, Aparna Rani Mukherjee , a school teacher. Ram unwittingly becomes a part of their militant organization that plots to do away with Gandhi. He decides against assassinating the leader, and attempts to confess the truth to him in order to beg for forgiveness. The mob forgives them, but Ram refuses to. Andal , Narsinh Mehta. Archived from the original on 2 November

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Vaishnav Janato (Hey Ram/Soundtrack Version) – Vibha Sharma | Shazam

Although Ram remains aloof at first, he slowly falls in love with Mythili. He then narrates one of his grandfather’s strangest stories that he plans to use for his next novel.

The Times of India. Saket, unable to cope with his tragic loss, kills the Muslims who raped and killed his vaishnava janato hey ram in a fit of rage. Gandhi requests to see Ram to invite him on his long walk to Pakistan after finding out he helped save innocent Muslims. The film is about a protagonist’s journey from religious hatred to love with the theme of the partition of Bengal in the background.


Every second of the song is so well done that it befits multiple viewing. The film takes place as Ram, a retired archaeologist, lies on the deathbed, on 6 Decemberthe 7th anniversary of the destruction of the Babri Mosque in Ayodhya. You can listen to the full album here. It had music by Maestro Illayaraja. Retrieved 21 July Ram unwittingly becomes a part of their militant organization that plots to do away with Gandhi.

AnupamaMahalakshmi Iyer. When it is discovered that Ram came there for a gun, the Muslims became suspicious that he might be out to kill them, attack him.

The song is set to Raga Mohanam and is one of the more popular songs from his vast repertoire. After seeing Lalwani’s misery, Ram realizes he has still not gotten over Aparna’s murder. The film was written, directed and produced by Kamal Haasanvaishnava janato hey ram also acted as the protagonist in the film. Nair now lives at his old apartment. Ram then bumps into father-in-law and his friend who are there to meet Gandhi.

Vaishnav Janato (Hey Ram/Soundtrack Version)

Nair gives him a goddess painting drawn by Aparna not long before her death. In the end, Ram Jr. Archived from the original on 1 February A pregnant Mythili becomes worried as her husband grows more distant and invites her parents and in-laws over vaishnava janato hey ram cheer him up. Ram Junior tries to convince his father Vxishnava to accompany them to the hospital, but he is uninterested for some unknown reason.


Kamal HaasanShruti Haasan. Archived from the original on jxnato August But on multiple viewings, the sheer effort put into the venture comes through.

Vaishnav Janato

Retrieved 22 July The film has garnered three National Film Awards. There were protests and press releases raj political parties in select centres against perceived negative depiction of Gandhi.

Ram ultimately changes his vaishnava janato hey ram about Gandhi after seeing that his teachings are all about love and non-violence.

Arm from ” https: Gunaa Subha Sankalpam Kaathala Kaathala Since then it is in the musical lexicon of the entire nation. Nannu Palimpa is a wonderful composition of poet saint Tyagarajawho lived in the 18th and early 19th century. Archived from the original on 21 November The scene reverts to the s, when he and his good friend, Amjad Ali Khan Shah Rukh Khan are archaeologists working together under their boss, Mortimer Wheelerin Mohenjo-daro in the Vaishnxva province in what was then North-West India.