Thus, in the last classes she had a dilemma: Then she wrote her first demo. In the media there were rumors that the stars got married in Stockholm. Zemfira chose the latter and entered the Ufa School of Arts at the Faculty of pop and jazz vocal. Nevertheless, “Forgive me, my love” became the most popular disc of in Russia, and also the most commercially successful of all the discography of Zemfira. But they do not comment on this information.

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The songs prepared the audience for the next album. Also the singer was working on the soundtrack to the art house film “The Last Fairy Tale of Rita”, shot by her friend Renata Litvinova.

Zemfira – Macho (Мачо)

zemfirq Zemfira in childhood with her parents and a brother Zemfira was born in Ufa to an intelligent Tatar-Bashkir family. Her father Talgat Talhovich worked as a teacher of history, and the zemfira macho Florida Hakievna worked as a specialist in physiotherapy.

Inthe singer released singles “Money” and “No Chances”.

The choice of young musicians. But they do not comment on this information.

During the concert tour, a special single “10 boys” was on sale, including ten remixes for the song “Boy”, which was collected from the number of works that people sent to the Internet zemfira macho. InZemfira’s collaboration with an actress and director, charismatic Renata Litvinova begins. Leonid decided to give a chance to the talented singer, and at the end of Zemfira recorded his first album “Zemfira” at Mosfilm studio. The secretive nature of the singer and her dislike for the interview allows journalists to only speculate about her private life.


Zefira’s voice was recognized immediately, and soon she announced zemfira macho presentation of her side project in the main concert hall “Russia”, where the mystery of zemfira macho personalities of Bro and Luke was revealed: Then she wrote her first demo.

The disk “To live in your head” had an amazing combination of minimalism, style and sound clarity.

Скачать и слушать Zemfira-Macho mp3 онлайн бесплатно

Music “,” Spotify “,” Deezer “and” Zvooq “. Other songs were also included in the album, zemfira macho critics and fans later called Zemfira’s hits: Nevertheless, the singer continued to present, and distribute already recorded songs. Zemfira nowadays During the tour “Little Man” the singer visited more than 20 cities in Russia, as well as the cities abroad. Zemfira created Russian rock, which journalists defined as “female rock”.

Thus, the zemfira macho was prepared for the birth of a new star.

Macho Lyrics

The first part of the tour started in February, in Omsk and ended in April in Moscow, the second part was held abroad: At the zemfira macho time she appeared on local television with a song. The singer becomes the “Singer of the Year” according to the music magazine “OM”.

In OctoberZemfira’s new album “Thank you” was released, which the singer released on her own behalf, saying that the group “Zemfira” no longer exists, and there is only the singer Zemfira Ramazanova. Zemfira was invited to create music for the film “Goddess: The biography of Zemfira changed inwhen at the annual rock festival “Maxidro” the producer of the group “Mumiy Troll” Leonid Burlakov got the cassette with her songs. Since then, the girl tries to take care of the her nephews Arthur zemfira macho Artem, because of that in Zemfira created with them a musical project.


In recent years, journalists say that Zemfira and Renata Litvinova are more than friends.

In the same year, the singer writes the single “Australia”. Since then, the zemfira macho of Zemfira is unreasonably associated with the oligarch Roman Abramovichthen with the director of the singer Anastasia Kalmanovich.

The songs “Snow” and “London” were also released. Music career The biography of Zemfira changed inwhen at the annual rock festival “Maxidro” the producer of the group “Mumiy Troll” Leonid Burlakov got the cassette with her songs. During this time, the girl thought a lot about her work, and the album turned out to be unlike her previous albums. The presentation of the album took place on May 8 zemfira macho the club “16 tons”. It set a new record in Russian Internet sales.

Thus, in the last classes she had a dilemma: The group “The Uchpochmack” was written as its singers, this Bashkir word means “triangle”.